New Members and Visitors

Good evening fellow flyers

I post this with consideration for the good of all.

Along with some other clubs and considering the escalating seriousness of the current Covid-19 Pandemic, the Committee feels it is no longer appropriate to continue paragliding activities from our sites.

The reasons for this decision include:

•to potentially add any additional stress on the health system and the emergency services currently, would be irresponsible;

• paragliding is a highly visible activity and the government is advising us all to avoid all unnecessary travel and contact. Flying from and to anywhere and especially over housing would cause a very bad perception of our sport to the general public, authorities and landowners.

Despite paragliding being an appropriately socially-distant activity, the travelling, retrieving, fuelling, chatting and socialising are not, so to protect the future access to our sites, we are closing all sites within our control with immediate effect, and urge all members and visitors to respect the spirit of this decision by putting away their equipment and avoiding the temptation to fly anywhere.

We are in unprecedented times, one which requires us all to act responsibly and to help each other. To that end, paragliding at such times could be viewed as a selfish activity that would not be adding to the greater good.

We, the committee are as eager to fly as any of you, and we look forward to opening our sites as soon as possible once the pandemic is over. Please bear with us in these exceptional times. We are, like you, having to make this up as we go along. Through it all, we’ll continue to do our very best to act with thoughtfulness and do what we feel is right for our sport, our members and society.

Tony Farthing

Chairman, Devon & Somerset Condors 23/03/20


Renewing existing membership? Please also use the link below:


On behalf of the Devon & Somerset Condors, we warmly welcome you to our very special part of the world. If you are a member of the public and wish to experience a tandem flight please go to our Learning to Fly page. Visiting pilots are free to fly most of our sites, but we do ask that you are a member of another UK club and of the BHPA. If you are visiting from abroad, please ensure that you have sufficient third party insurance, are a member of your own country's national association, and are appropriately qualified.

Visitors are also welcome to any of our clubnights, held on the first Tuesday of the month. Please see our calendar page for details.

We are a club for qualified pilots. If you wish to learn or have a tandem flight with an experienced pilot, please go to our learn to fly page.



Before flying any of our sites, please make contact with us and/or get a sites guide. The Open Sites Guide on this website will inform you where you can fly. On the hill, please introduce yourself to local pilots and ask for advice if you are not familiar with the site or conditions. We have lots of club coaches and experienced pilots who are happy to help - we all want everyone to fly safely and have fun!

If you become a member you will also have access to our members only sites. To fly two major sites, namely Charmouth and Branscombe, you MUST be a fully paid up member of the Condors. You must also have your name and car registration on a list held by the landowners. This is at the landowners' stipulation. These are both excellent south coast sites, which have entailed lengthy and sensitive negotiation for our use. We also have one or two other members' only sites, and a number of sites which, whilst not members only, are sensitive and/or occasionally closed.

If you do not know the rules or status of a site, please do not fly there without first contacting a club member who does.

If at any time the landowner asks you to leave, please do so without fuss, and contact the Sites Officer, Harry Dike - - as soon as possible.

Club Membership

Pilots living within the Condors catchment area are urged to join the club. Stating the obvious perhaps, but without sites we cannot fly. All of the private landowners from whose land we fly receive some sort of recompense for their generosity and hospitality towards us, and we pay fees for some of our Council and National Trust sites, so it is only fair that all local pilots should contribute. Please do the decent thing if you live locally and join our club. At only £25 a year becoming a Condors member will be the least of your flying related costs and is excellent value for money! Benefits of club membership include:

  • Access to all Condors flying sites
  • Lots of excellent informative and entertaining club talks and events throughout the year
  • Members's subsidy for club coach and first aid courses
  • Annual parachute repacking event (free to members)
  • Use of extensive club library (DVDs and books)
  • Club lectures and coaching for post CP progression through the BHPA pilot rating scheme
  • Unrestricted access to all areas of our website and online discussion forums, Facebook and the Telegram app groups. These give information regarding our sites, social events, contact details of all members, news, views, articles and general flying chit-chat.
  • Our Telegram Chat and Site Reports groups give up to the minute information on current views and flying conditions.
  • The opportunity to carry off any of our wide selection of annual trophies by entering your flights in the Condors XC League here - Condors PG XC League

Enjoy Yourself

Most importantly, we hope that members and visitors alike have fun and fly safely.

Harry Dike -
Sites Officer