Learning to Fly

An Introduction by Andrew Pearse of Flying Frenzy Paragliding Ltd

You may be reading this page because you’ve seen someone paragliding on one of the Condor’s many beautiful sites. You may have realised that you want to have a taste of the freedom and new perspective that paragliding offers. You are right.

In many ways paragliding is very easy. When the wind is smooth and just right, taking off is quick and easy; soaring around smooth and intuitive – gently pull down on one control to turn that way; landing as easy as stepping down a step. On the other hand you need to be aware that trying to fly in the wrong conditions will very very quickly put you in severe danger. Things can go bad within moments of a poor decision.

All paragliding in the UK is controlled by the British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) and they have developed the excellent training syllabus used by Flying Frenzy Paragliding ltd and other British Paragliding schools. To fly without an instructor you need to have gained the first two ratings – the Elementary Pilot and the Club Pilot (EP and CP).

The EP course takes you through the basics – by the end you’ll be able to take off and land in easy going conditions, flying and turning smoothly as you go. The CP takes quite a bit more commitment – you need to be good enough to cope with a wide range of conditions you are likely to meet out on the hills. You will have had at least half an hour ridge soaring and will be able to carry out some useful advanced techniques to enable you to land where you want and to get down quick. You will also need to have a sound theoretical understanding to help you make good decisions. During the CP course you will be looking for your own equipment – we can help you with your choices – new equipment is surprisingly affordable and there are some great second hand bargains too.

Flying Frenzy Paragliding ltd also offers a Taster Day where you are able make a start – by the end of your day you will have had your first flights.

If you are ready to take the next step contact us using the details below. I look forward to helping you get into the air.

Paragliding Schools - some schools also offer tandem flights, contact them to find out more

Flying Frenzy BHPA registered paragliding school in Dorset.

CFI and Senior Instructor is Andrew Pearse (ex-British team member). They have sites around Bridport on the beautiful Dorset coast, most within sight of the sea and offer a wide range of training including tandem flights and taster days, Student and Club Pilot courses, thermalling techniques and XC. Everything short of SIV in fact.

Sky Safaris

Sky Safaris are a BHPA approved air experience flying school. We are based in the UK  and we offer Tandem paragliding (or dual paragliding) trial flights and paragliding courses using the dual-seat paraglider. You can join our school for an introductory flying lesson on Dorset’s beautiful “Jurassic Coast”.  A gift voucher for this amazing adventure sport makes a fantastic present.

Cloudbase Paragliding BHPA registered paragliding school for tow and hill training.

Friendly hill-based paragliding school in Hungerford, Berkshire. Fun flying for beginners to advanced, trial days, dual flights and trips abroad. Small groups or one to one, making the most of any flyable day.

Cloud 9 BHPA registered school for Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Paramotoring

As a BHPA registered School we offer Full Courses, Taster Days and Tandem flights for both Hang Gliding and Paragliding. Situated in one of the most scenic locations in the UK (Cornwall on the North Cornish coast, with our own private tow site) we utilise tow training methods and hill conversions to maximise the amount of flyable days resulting more training days so students getting qualified quicker with less effort. Supplying gliders and equipment from all the top names along with good advice based on over 25 years in the sport.