SW-S  (Best SSW),  ALT 180ft, TTB 180ft 

A difficult site and not always easy to fly unless conditions are ideal. The cliff and take-offs change frequently owing to the constant erosion. Decision making needs to be good and be careful to take local advice.

Members only

There is a written agreement with Charmouth parish council, who have insisted that only members fly. We have to provide a list of car number to the Beach Superintendent. This site is closed all the School Summer Holidays mid-July to the end of August.

Porlock Hill

N to ENE (Best NNE) ALT 1000ft,TTB 1000ft


Drive out of Porlock on the A39 toward Lynton. At the top of Porlock hill is a cattle grid. Turn right immediately after onto track. At the end of the tree line, on the right, is a gate to the take-off and top landing field. The farmer has granted us right of access along this track, which may need to be politely pointed out to Exmoor Rangers.


Mr. B. Palmer, Court Place Farm, Porlock

East Hill

W-NW  (Best WNW), ALT 800ft, TTB 300ft


Leave Honiton on the A375 toward Sidmouth. 2.2 miles later, immediately before "Hare & Hounds" pub, turn right on B 3174 toward Ottery St Mary. Just before road goes down steep hill in woods, turn left and drive to the end of the straight road (approx. 3 miles), and you will come to a T junction, with a wooded car park in front of you. Park in the car park - what3words -  ///send.listed.emotional

Codden Hill

NNW to NNE (Best N)

All the contacts and information are on their website - http://www.ndhpc.co.uk/sites_guide/codden_hill_guide/

Codden is still treated as a Condors site for the purposes of entry into our XC League.