Site Guide

Welcome to the to the Condors sites guide. The Condors have some of the finest coastal sites in Britain. All visitors are welcome, provided you are insured, contact us before visiting and obey our site rules. Please remember that you may be going home tonight, but we want to fly there next week! Make yourself known when you arrive on site and enjoy "The Condor experience".

You must be a current member of the B.H.P.A or have equivalent third party insurance cover to fly these sites. Foot launched powered aircraft are not permitted on club sites.

It is up to YOU as a Pilot to assess sites before flying, always seek local advice. If you are a low airtime / out of school pilot please contact our Low Airtime contact Simon Murphy (01404 891685). He will be able to advise you and, if necessary, put you in touch with a local coach.

Neighbouring Clubs

We have a reciprocal agreement with all the other Clubs on the SW Peninsula. This allows their members to fly our sites and our members to fly theirs. Please make sure you ring their club contacts before you fly and make sure you are welcome. Some of our members are also members of these clubs and may be able to help you. Contact the Sites Officer for any help you may require.

Other Contact Numbers

Midweek Flying Phone 0800 515544
Royal & Temp Airspace restrictions 0500 354802
Coast Guard N Coast 01792 366534
Coast Guard S Coast 01305 760439

If you have any information, queries or complaints about any aspect of our sites or guide please contact the Sites Officer, Harry Dike (01963 362322).  Please also report any incidents that may affect our flying on any site, especially if the landowner or a member of the public is involved.