Social Media

Devon and Somerset Condors members are able to stay in touch with what is going on in the club in three ways. We have a forum via the website for members only to enable closed discussions (although this has rather been superseded by Telegram) but we also use Facebook and the messaging app Telegram. You will find us on Facebook at Devon & Somerset Condors. Our Telegram groups are for general chat - Dscondorschat - and site reports - Dscondors Site Reports, we also have a Dscondors PAT (Progression and Training) group which is for both Low airtime and more experienced pilots to share tips and experience and other groups which are members only. The Chat and Site Reports Telegram groups are open to both members and non members and the only stipulation for joining is that you must have a recognisable profile photo against your user name. We do enforce this policy as we feel it makes the groups more inclusive.

We also now have a Condors YouTube channel with a number of videos which you may find helpful, the link is here - D&S Condors YouTube

Facebook is simple to join, just follow the instructions and then log in. We use Facebook as an easy way of sharing flying photos from around our beautiful South West countryside and beyond. An added bonus is being able to tag other pilots in them too - it's great fun.

To join the Telegram groups you will need a smartphone which enables you to download and install the Telegram app. Go to for more information and details of how to install. You can also install Telegram on your computer or tablet. Once you have installed the app please message me - @VivFouracre - and I can add you to the groups. 

Most of the other clubs now have Telegram groups, some closed to members, some not and you will be able to join those as well.