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Before flying please contact Branscombe Airfield (Andy Tremlow 07808788996) , He will also inform Dunkeswell Airport and ATC at Exeter at that point to be aware we are flying there.

SSE-SSW (Best S), ALT 460ft, TTB 460ft


South coast site, approx. 8 miles south of Honiton. From Branscombe village head west, turn left up the hill just before the Fountain Head pub. Park on the right outside Berry Barton Farm at the top of the hill - what3words - ///

Please ensure you do not block any entrances AND allow manoeuvring space for farm vehicles. Walk out along the track next to the campsite. Do not cross campsite. Where the track turns sharp left go through gate straight ahead. Follow footpath diagonally to your right across field to finger post and circle of stones. This is take off - what3words - ///villager.because.sheet


Mark White, Berry Barton Farm, Branscombe, EX12 3BD - 01297 680208


This is a sensitive site so do not be responsible for causing the landowner a problem with inconsiderate parking. Do not try to gain access to the site other than along the track, even if it is muddy. Bring your wellies! Do not try to drive along the track and do not walk out through the caravan park.

Any vehicles on or near the take off belong to chalet owners who have paid the farmer for parking and they take priority over our needs. If you hit one whilst attempting to land you will endanger yourself, very likely cause damage with all the attendant hassle and seriously compromise our permission to fly there. If your landing technique is in doubt either bottom land on the beach or go to Beer Head.


T/O - HG & PG, smooth rounded cliff, easy take off but needs commitment in light winds.

Top Landing

HG Second field to rear behind T/O, access through stile check for crops. This field can be turbulent in stronger winds.

PG at T/O. The sharp cliff edge produces plenty of rotor if your approach is not correct. There have been a number of incidents especially if the wind is off to the East.

Bottom Landing - Please note the path to the beach is now open and passable with care but it is not a straightforward up.

HG Land to the east at Branscombe Mouth for vehicle access. Be aware of tourists, fishermen and boats. Check before flying, if you do not know it. Do not land on the grass in front of the café, when it is open, as you may be approached for money!

PG Directly below on beach, see note above about path closure. XC Potential Long coastal runs available.


Turbulence in HG top landing field, also can be limited beach at high tide for B/L. Cliff face & trees below DO NOT FLY TOO CLOSE.

Accidents have probably been caused by pilots attempting to soar too close to and below the cliff edge.



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