N-NNE (Best N), ALT 650ft, TTB 650ft

Not often flown except on Bossington days when the wind has gone north. If you are walking out to Bossington and the wind is from the north it is worth walking around to check the wind at Selworthy.


From West take A39 to Minehead turn left into town centre along High Street. From East take A39 to Minehead straight across first roundabout, fork right at second round about, T junction turn right onto High Street. Turn left off High Street and left again sign posted "North Hill", keep following signs to North Hill, drive along top of hill for about 3 miles until road ends at a car park (SS 910 477) - what3words - ///usual.sunblock.brass

Drive carefully on the narrow roads and beware pedestrians, cyclists and horses.

From the car park the launch is NNW. Take the path North from the North East corner of the car park and then NW then N to the grassy slopes above the cliffs - what3words - ///redeeming.erupts.measure


HG & PG Experienced pilots only. Ensure conditions are strong enough to stay up, as going down is not a good option.

Bottom Landing

Bottom landing is possible on the beach at low tide only, (but is not recommended due to quicksand and lack of path up). Beware the beach disappears at high tide. It may be possible, with great difficulty to climb up the scree slopes from the beach with a PG; this would probably be impossible with a HG.

PG Side-Slope Landing

On the grassy slopes immediately below take off. It is possible to land above the cliffs/scree but not recommended as the slopes are very steep and you may find yourself slipping down, over the steeper scree/cliffs and onto the beach. If you launch and think you are going down, side land immediately.

Top Landing

Behind takeoff. Any suitable clear patch in the heather/gorse, look carefully at the area as you walk out and from the air before your choose your spot. Further East there are fields which have been used for top landings. On days with reasonable height gains it is possible to fly back to an area North East of the car park. Do not land in the Car Park.

XC Ridge Run Potential

This is part of the ridge run from North Hill. Recommended that you launch at North Hill instead.  


A potentially dangerous site. Under no circumstances land in the sea. The climb up from the beach is difficult and dangerous. Backing sea breeze winds eliminate lift and may result in bottom landings. Don't launch here if you are expecting the sea breeze, wait at Bossington instead.


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