Porlock Hill

Rarely flown owing to the difficulty of getting in the air.

N to ENE (Best NNE) ALT 1000ft,TTB 1000ft


Drive out of Porlock on the A39 toward Lynton. At the top of Porlock hill is a cattle grid. Turn right immediately after onto track. At the end of the tree line, on the right, is a gate to the take-off and top landing field. The farmer has granted us right of access along this track, which may need to be politely pointed out to Exmoor Rangers.


Mr. B. Palmer, Court Place Farm, Porlock


Used to be an HG training site (top to bottoms), but coastal erosion has removed the old landing fields. The trees in front of takeoff are difficult to clear in light winds and dangerous owing to rotor in strong winds.

Bottom Landing

Land in any of the bottom fields without stock, crop or water! Check before flying. To retrieve, from Porlock drive towards Porlock Weir. About 1.5 miles on the right is an asbestos farm building. The track next to it leads to the BL fields.

PG Side-Slope Landing


Top Landing

In the takeoff field. Top landing is small for HGs.

XC Potential

Can be thermic, and flights have been made over the back. However, the land rises quickly so you need to be climbing well. Good ridge run West along the coast 20 miles to Ilfracombe, but no bottom landings and a good chance of going down into the sea and rocks!


Beware hole on slope! Make sure you are off the ground before you get to the pile of rocks! Beware rotor on takeoff in strong winds. Do not fly in strong winds.

Nearest Phone

In Porlock Village

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Mr. B. Palmer, Court Place Farm, Porlock
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