East Hill

An XC site needing some crosswinding to avoid meeting the coast too early.

W-NW  (Best WNW), ALT 800ft, TTB 300ft


Leave Honiton on the A375 toward Sidmouth. 2.2 miles later, immediately before "Hare & Hounds" pub, turn right on B 3174 toward Ottery St Mary. Just before road goes down steep hill in woods, turn left and drive to the end of the straight road (approx. 3 miles), and you will come to a T junction, with a wooded car park in front of you. Park in the car park - what3words -  ///send.listed.emotional

Take-off is the grass area just over the hedge - what3words - ///navigate.irritable.manliness


HG & PG - Easy takeoff but PGs need to be aware of the close proximity of the trees behind TO when popping the canopy up. PGs also need to be aware of the danger of being blown back behind the trees in strong conditions. Site can be turbulent if thermic.

Updated 02/08/20 The fields we land in have a new owner and new conditions apply to the bottom landing

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Use one of the 3 fields closest to take-off to land (A,B or C) provided there is no livestock within any part of the field boundaries of your chosen field. This includes parts of the field which an electric fence divides into two. So do not land in these fields if livestock is within their boundary.

The field with the tree in the middle (B) is split into two with an electric fence, the owner does not want us to land in the 'set-aside' area. Please be especially careful not to damage electric fences when landing or leaving the landing fields.

The same landowner also owns the fourth field “D” on the North side of the other 3, which may also be used on the same conditions but be aware there is an HV power line in that field just inside and parallel with the hedge, for that reason it is best avoided.

Usual rule to avoid crop damage also applies.

Because of the  land owner's conditions for use of landing fields, please check the landing fields from the bottom road before taking off as now with tree growth at the side of TO only fields B&C are visible from TO (& they are unavailable this summer (2020) with crops of maize.

Do not land to the right of the lane on the right of B/L .The farmer charges £15 for every landing there.

No Top Landing

XC Potential

Excellent. Several very long flights have been made from this site.


Low level military flying. Aircraft practising ILS approaches to Exeter airport-They are often south of the approach! The approach to EXETER AIRPORT is to the right (North) of takeoff. Never fly past the B3174, which is obscured by trees.


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